Latto Brings Big Energy To Colorado

The artist known as Latto or Big Latto (formerly known as Mulatto) is a musical artist from the illustrious Atlanta, Georgia. She was first publicly seen on Jermaine Dupri’s music game show, “The Rap Game” in 2016, where she was going under the moniker Miss Mulatto. Since the reality show’s end, Latto has been making a name for herself by leading the 2020 XXL Freshman Class, and she was voted MTV’s Global Push Artist of the month. Around this time last year, Latto released the extended version of her debut album “Queen Of The Souf“. The project featured Lil Baby, 42 Dugg, Gucci Mane, and much more. The project has two songs that have been declared gold and platinum so far. Earlier this year, Latto announced she would be releasing a new album titled 777, also announcing 24 plus dates as a part of the “777 Tour” to support the album. On March 30th, the city of Denver was blessed with a performance by Latto and her special guest Saucy Santana. The show was held at the Ogden Theater near Downtown Denver, and it was announced as sold-out days before the event took place. It happens to be her first time going on tour as a headliner, which makes the event more memorable.

Born in Bridgeport, CT, Saucy Santana burst onto the scene first as a makeup artist for the City Girls in 2017. Shortly after, Santana began to dabble in music and began releasing tracks that have garnered social media attention like Walk and Material Girl. Santana immediately had the crowd engaged with his confident energy and impressive clothing choice. His set was the perfect preparation for what the night would have in store!

With the tour being called 777 after the album, it would only be right to remain true to the theme and have dice, chips, and other gambling items on stage as props (as if we were gambling). The vibes were supplied by none other than DJ Von, who happens to be Latto’s official tour DJ. After playing songs that everyone was familiar with, the lights became dim and the introduction of the artist of the evening began. Two talented ladies wearing shiny one-pieces with glitter came from behind the curtains onto the stage and instantly began dancing when DJ Von played track 3 from 777, Wheelie. Soon after dropping the beat, the person we all had come to see approached the stage wearing an all-white top and all white shorts. She performed multiple songs from her new album like 777 PT 1Soufside, and Trust No Bitch before performing songs from her 2019 EP Big Latto. After each song, Latto made sure to address her sold-out audience; thanking them for buying the album and supporting her throughout her career. Latto even had two fans from the crowd join her on stage to dance with her and her dancers, before continuing the festivities. Saucy Santana made his way back to the stage to perform his Latto featured track Up & Down, the crowd instantly responded by reciting every word to the track.

Latto won the hearts of many in the audience with her stage presence, her energy was very high and at no point in the show did it ever dwindle. The most impressive part of the concert was the song selection and how each song smoothly transitioned into the next throughout the whole performance. As the show went on, Latto jumped back and forth between projects performing songs from Queen of Da Souf, 777, Hit The Lotto EP, and more. There was a break in the performance that resembled halftime at a sports event, DJ Von tested the audience’s musical knowledge by playing songs from different genres. Each song played had the crowd on their feet singing and dancing, but I knew the majority of the people in attendance were wondering when would Latto return to the stage to perform the biggest song of her career to date Big Energy. The DJ of the night made sure to let all concert-goers know that Latto wanted to make a Tik Tok with the crowd to her new hit.

Before closing the show with her well known track Bitch From Da Souf, which features Saweetie and Trina. Latto shared one last moment with those in the crowd, thanking everyone for coming, and let the crowd know that Denver might have been the best show on the tour so far. She performed 25 songs in total, and every person in attendance will tell you each moment was worth it.

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– Omar Sekou

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