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Babe Of The Week- Kristen Leanne

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She is a fighter and has a story you would never know unless she told you- which she does through her photos. Kristen Leanne is beautiful inside and out. She is an exceptional published model and my Babe Of The Week! Born and raised in San Diego, CA- she felt trapped as a teen by her religious, “too strict” parents and ran away from home. She ended up in Baton Rouge for a while, struggled and worked until she finally returned to California, Hollywood to be exact. Chasing her dreams and staying motivated gave her more than opportunities- it gave her a life! She now owns 2 businesses and has worked with some of the worlds best brands and photographers. Check out more about this babe at her official website

“Life is crazy; every decision you make creates a different path. I can’t wait to see where the next one takes me…”

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