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Babe Of The Week- Madelyn “Madzilla” Lance

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Madelyn “Madzilla” Lance is one beautiful woman! Those eyes, those dimples, the fly tattoos and so much more. She always knew that she would do amazing things- that she was destined to be great. Born in Oregon but settling in California, her career as a model flourished. Modeling became an artistic and expressive outlet for her. She has worked with some of the top brands and photographers out today. Madelyn uses her social media sites to connect and share her journey with her fans and followers. She is more than just a model, of course, she is also the “coolest chick on the block!” as she has dabbled in her skills as a DJ and an emcee! She has created a brand within herself and her career and has no sign of stooping the journey! Follow Madzilla and learn more HERE!