100PackSavy Presents Hood Favorite

When asked who’s the hottest in the city, most people are bound to say 100PackSavy. His music and visuals grab your attention immediately when hearing it. From music to clothing collaborations, I believe It’s safe to say that Savy is the Hood Favorite. 100PackSavy was born and raised in Aurora, CO. Growing up in middle school, he was known as one of the best dancers in the city. It wasn’t until he was out of high school that 100PackSavy began recording and releasing music. His first track, “Savy Freestyle,” was released on SoundCloud in 2016. Since his first release, Savy has shown enormous growth in his musical abilities. After receiving positive feedback for his first song, “Savy Freestyle,” 100Pack had no choice but to follow up, and that he did. He released 2 songs, “Closer” and “Vent.” It was his freestyle to Tyrese’s Sweet Ladyin 2019 that garnered local and mainstream eyes on his talent. To this day, the track has surpassed 73k plays on SoundCloud. With the success of his buzz at an all-time high,he then remixed Mike Jones “Flossin,” DLO’s “No Hoe,” s and more. Out of all the mainstream songs he remixed, the Ying Yang Twins’ song “Whistle While You Twurk” showed that 100PackSavy not only possesses just musical talent but star power as well. Rightfully so, he titled the remix “Ass Cheeks On My Bape Shirt,” and it received 45k views on YouTube. To start 2020, he released his 5 track debut EP, “Jackin’ 4 Beats”, which has gotten 20,000 plays. 

100PackSavy made it official that he was the voice of the Colorado rap game once he released his single “Box State Baby,” an ode to the state that helped raise him. Soon after the track was released, 100Pack played a significant role in starting one of Colorado’s supergroups. The group A-Team consisted of 100PackSavy and fellow Colorado rappers KwonRackedUpA$tackAux DiorLil Mac Diddy, and GetMoney$ic. Although the collective didn’t last long, each member of the group went on to continue prospering in their respective solo careers. In 2021 Savy released two back-to-back mixtapes; the first is 16 tracks and is titled “Savalanche,” which holds features from GeeRilla2MuchTNTKwonRackedUpPolo Hilfiger, and many more. The second project was a 19-track compilation mixtape of old and new songs called “The Lost Files Tapes.

From 2020 to 2021, there was a period where 100PackSavy did nonstop features for a countless amount of artists. He went from dabbling with music, to music being his day job, and things quickly began to look up for Savy. I got to ask him how his feature with Michigan rap artist RMC Mike came to fruition. He told me that he “literally ran into RMC Mike at the now-closed club Dorchester in Downtown Denver lol, tapped in with him, and we went to the stu the next day.” The track released featuring 100PackSavy is RMC Mike’s song “303 to 810”, which has received 340,000 plays/views on YouTube. Fans and followers started to ask when 100Pack would drop his debut album? He teased that he had been working on it for a while, so plenty of people were talking and inquiring. Before the summer, he announced that he would perform alongside multi-platinum songwriter Trev Rich & AP at the KS107.5 radio station’s Summer Jam Concert. The show had headlining performances from platinum recording artist YG and Buddy as well. For someone who just started making music a few years ago, this is what you would call a blessing. Shortly after his Summer Jam performance, he revealed what he would name his highly anticipated debut album. Its title would be “Hood Favorite,” a name that by all means defines 100PackSavy very well.

The debut album “Hood Favorite” was released on September 30th under KashLife ENT. It has three features from frequent collaborators GeeRilla, KwonRackedUp, and 2MuchTNT. With 19 tracks, 100PackSavy has proved that his debut album is everything that we thought it would be. So far I’ve listened to it front to back 5 times, and I would have to say my top 4 tracks are “Kelly Rowland”, “Na Na”, and “Pampers”. I picked “Kelly Rowland” as my number one because the production instantly caught my attention before I even heard the verse. The chorus for the track is very catchy, and reminds me of a Pierre Bourne, or a Robb Bank$ song. My second favorite right now is “Na Na”, 100PackSavy gets fully transparent in this track talking about his personal life, relationships, and more. All things spoke about in this song are relatable, and the production/sample aligns with the theme of the track very well. Lastly my third favorite is “Pampers”, on that track Savy shows off his wordplay ability. Throughout the song there are many lines that stand out my personal favorite is when he says “Bitch I grind hard, till my skates broke, they say they waiting on my tape just like Skate 4. Bitch roll my blunts up, Im cutting mangos. I had to slave for everything I got just like Django”. I had a chance to interview Savy, and ask him about what he has going on, and his opinion of Colorado’s support. Check it out below!

Q. Who is your favorite artist in the city besides yourself, bro?

“Besides myself, I fuck with all my niggas from the city, Polo Hilfiger, GM$ic, GeeRilla, 2MuchTNT Trev, Lil Mac Diddy, my nigga KwonRackedUp too. There are too many to name”

Q. How do you feel about the Colorado music community?

“I feel like Colorado really got some good talent out here. We just have to learn to work together. Everybody be hating on each other out here, and we ain’t gonna get anywhere with that approach.”

Q. What can we expect from 100PackSavy for the rest of 2022? What are some of the goals that you wanna achieve with your music?

“Y’all can expect more music fasho and music videos this year. I’m going to keep going crazy and doing what I’ve been doing. I plan to stay consistent.”

Make sure to stream 100PackSavy’s highly anticipated debut album “Hood Favorite”, and to follow him on social media. Be cool everybody!

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