7EVEN DAZE Debuts “Down” Single

Up and coming Los Angeles R&B artist 7EVEN DAZE sings of sacrifice, self-worth, and toxic relationships in her haunting debut single ‘Down’.

Creatively influenced by artists like Daniel Caesar, Frank Ocean, and Beyoncé, 7EVEN DAZE’s music belongs to an experimental new wave of R&B that isn’t afraid to be different. With sultry vocals and a stripped-down sincerity that hits listeners at their core, the artist’s unapologetically vulnerable lyrics explore what it means to put yourself first and walk away from a toxic relationship:

This song is personal to me. It’s really about overcoming heartbreak and gaining the strength to walk away from a toxic relationship. I took multiple losses and sacrificed so much for someone who wasn’t willing to sacrifice for me. I lost myself in the process, but gained so much in the end.” – 7EVEN DAZE 

7EVEN DAZE is currently working with producers Jason Smith, Gil Smith, and Larry Cox on her upcoming album ‘Sanity’.

Twitter: @7evendaze_

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