Aliah Sheffield Presents Earth Is Ghetto

Sheffield’s vocals move listeners inward, utilizing her minimalistic soul and R&B vibe to create a welcoming sonic space. She ruminates on love, life, and speaking the truth: “I want people to think about the lyrics,” she says. “I want it to be a meditating moment.” Her debut EP, These Songs Are For Anyone Sick of Earth, explores themes of betrayal, sadness, and tiredness, all held together by hope. Sheffield has only continued to grow in the two years since her debut. She moved back to Atlanta, learned production skills, and even released a collaborative album with jazz/soul band Soul’d Out called Since You’ve Been Around (2021). But after signing with Def Jam the following summer, she relocated to LA and is ready to welcome us into the spaces she creates. 

Written mostly in her bedroom or while on long walks, These Songs Are For Anyone Sick of Earth represents an artist who has finally found her voice. Now it’s all about getting the words out. Her story proves that beyond the destination, there’s beauty in the journey—the in-between. For Aliah Sheffield, a new journey is about to begin.

I had the pleasure of talking with Aliah Sheffield via Zoom, who was enjoying her Wednesday in Los Angeles. Read below as we discuss the inspiration behind the EP title, her songwriting process, and much more make sure to check it out the project below as well

Aliah Sheffield Interview

Q. What was the inspiration behind the name of your new project “These Songs Are For Anyone Sick Of Earth”

A. “When I first uploaded songs on youtube, I would name the titles of the songs. Instead of calling the titles, I would describe the songs. Like, even if you look at the Earth Is Ghetto Video. The title for The Earth Is Ghetto Video is This song is for anyone sick of birth, and I have; this song is for anyone who wishes they were stupid. Or this song is for anyone going to the lake. It’s like, and it’s usually titles that are about the music. And then I decided to name ep that, like, do the same thing with the ep.”

Q. What was the songwriting/production process of this project like for you?

A. “It was, well, it was easy for me to write the song because most of the time, I wrote the songs at home with my piano. And then I would. I eventually started sending them to the different producers, and they’re all great. And they could build around the idea of a skeleton that I had already created.”

Q.“Some Of Your People” happens to be my favorite song on the EP, what would you say yours is and why? 

A. “Right now, it is “Anti-Hero.” Because Thanos is right, that’s really why. It’s really because I’m mostly in a mood where I agree with the supervillains right now. I have to get out of that mood because they didn’t think their plans out thoroughly. If Thanos thought that plan out more, it might work, but that’s why it’s my favorite song. Clearly, I’m a Marvel nerd.

Q. You tweeted, “I hope I get to live up to my full potential as an artist.” What does that look like?

A. “Living to my full potential as an artist means being able to fully execute the ideas that I have in my head, about/around the songs that I have. World building the songs and being able to perform the songs for people with bands. Living up to my full potential is me going out and being able to perform, being able to put out music the way I want to and seeing it go as far as it can.”

Q. Three things you need in the studio at all times?

A. “Coffee, tea, and a piano. And probably a microphone. But definitely a cup of tea, piano, microphone. I need those near me at all times, especially coffee.”

Q. Besides yourself who is favorite artist to listen to?

A. “My favorite artist right now to listen to is Kendrick Lamar. I currently repeatedly have; this is a slight obsession. I’m presently obsessed right now. So I’ll go with him right now; it changes daily, but um, right now K.Dot, I was listening to the damn album literally before this call.”

Check out “These Songs Are For Anyone Sick of Earth” below!

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