… And Then Miley Cyrus Showed Instagram Her What??

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This year, nudity has been quite a trend. From Kim Kardashian, to Rihanna and now Miley Cyrus. Even the iCloud hackers took the celeb nudity pictures to a whole other lever.

Miley Cyrus must have been feeling herself enough to post a photo of herself, topless. Nipples and all. Not that she doesn’t look, great because she does, but the whole “pushing the limit” thing is getting old with this one. She does look great, though!

Although, as she predicted, her photo got flagged and deleted from Instagram. Miley then posted a couple odd pictures of topless women with the head of 10 year old Miley cropped in. One picture saying “FREE THE NIPPLE.” Now, I get it but it’s weird with the pictures of her young self on topless women’s bodies.

Check out the pictures for yourself below …