Ericdoa Celebrates “DOA” With Another Successful Tour

Ericdoa, a prodigious talent from Connecticut, embarked on his musical journey as a teenager; and now he is 21 years old. His impressive accomplishments at such a young age are indicative of his potential to ascend to superstar status. His extensive catalog, which some artists take a lifetime to build, is a testament to his extraordinary musical prowess.

Eric started recording and producing his music while still a teenager under the stage name Dante Red. Not only can he produce, but he can also rap, sing, and play the guitar. Quickly after starting his music career, he signed up for the Los Angeles independent record label Listen To The Kids. His debut EP, “DOA,” was released in 2019, followed by his debut album, “Public Target,” a year later. Eric has a sound like none other, and he is currently the face of the hyperpop genre. His type of music can fall under the alternative, R&B, and Pop, truly making him a genre-less artist.

“Im hesitant to place a genre on music. I think that for people who aren’t well versed in music, it’s just a cushion to fall back on; instead of genre-less music, they have something to call it.”
– Eric Doa

In 2020, he released his second album, “COA,” making this Eridoa’s second album of the year. The renowned Interscope Records eventually saw his talent, and in 2021, he officially signed a major deal with the label. After signing with Interscope Records, Ericdoa dropped six singles, showing his work ethic. The singles were “Back N Forth,” “Sad4Whattt“, “Fantasize,” “Lifeline,” “Fool4Love“, and “Strangers.” One of Eric’s most prominent accomplishments came in 2022 when his single “Sad4Whattt” was featured on the soundtrack for the second season of the popular HBO series “Euphoria” starring Zendaya.

During the summer of 2022, Ericdoa embarked on an international tour as a headliner for his newest album, “Things With Wings .” The album was released on May 20th, and shortly the “Things With Wings Tour” was in full effect. After the tour, Eric returned home and took a well-needed break for almost a year. When he returned to music, he created a partnership with Riot Games and Valorant. The outcome of the collab was a new single titled “>One .” At the end of 2023, Ericdoa announced he would release his third studio album, “DOA,” under Interscope Records and Listen To The Kids. The album was officially released on January 19th, 2024, and it’s my favorite project by him. My favorite songs are “kickstand“, “bigassbearman” “dancinwithsomebawdy“. Shortly after the album release, Interscope announced that the project would be followed up with the “Dead On Arrival Tour.” When I looked at the tour dates and saw Denver on the list, I instantly knew I would be in attendance. Thanks to my favorite people Universal Music, I was able to catch the action live. 

On February 27th, 2024, his show in Denver was scheduled to be at Larimer Lounge, one of my favorite venues out here to visit. The opener for the show was Bixby, someone whose music I’m familiar with, so I was looking forward to the upcoming night. I got to the show a couple of minutes before Bixby went on stage (thank god). When he came out to the stage dressed in the usual black, he opened with his 2022 single “Easy,” I felt like I was the only one in the crowd who didn’t know the words. Something like that says a lot, especially since it shows that the openers sometimes have difficulty getting crowd interaction without it being forced. Bixby’s set consisted of nine songs, and I recommend seeing him live if you ever get the chance, too. When his set was over, the DJ played music and told everyone we were taking a brief intermission to prepare for Ericdoa

I got a drink and returned to my spot as I vibed to the music, waiting for the headliner to appear. After about 20 minutes, the lights were dimmed, and the crowd cheered as they knew what was about to happen. The fans were as close as they could be to the stage, applauding and cheering as they waited for Eric to come out. Once Ericarrived on stage, I knew it would be a good one because this show was more intimate than most, and honestly, I like shows better that way. What caught my attention was that he opened the show up with my favorite song, “kickstand,” from his new album, so I was automatically enjoying myself from jumping. All songs from the album were performed besides “Crisis Actor.” The part I enjoyed the most was that the fans in the crowd were smiling and enjoying themselves the whole time; even the people behind the bar were nodding to the music. His setlist proved that Eric has a very extensive music catalog. The last selection of the night was a medley of three different songs: “Fantasize,” “>one (greater than one), and “movinlikeazombie.” When the show was over, Eric and Bixby came down, took pictures, and signed autographs for everyone who wanted one. Overall, it was another successful night at the office!

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