Em Beihold Takes “Maybe Life Is Good” On The Road

Em Beihold, a platinum recording artist, embarked on her journey this year with the release of her single “Maybe Life Is Good.” Last year her remarkable vocals earned her a coveted spot as an opener for Lewis Capaldi’s 2023 tour, performing in 15 different cities and marking the beginning of her meteoric rise. A year later, Em has ascended to the status of a headliner, set to grace 23 cities with her tour.

Em Beihold’s 2023 was a year of triumph, marked by the release of her acclaimed single “Roller Coasters Make Me Sad.” This emotionally resonant song, which beautifully captures the essence of various situations, served as the inspiration for her debut EP, “Egg In The Backseat.” The single not only became a hit but also led to a collaboration with fellow pop stars Lauren Spencer Smith and GAYLEtitled “Fantasy.” The music video for this collaboration garnered over 4 million views, a testament to Em’s burgeoning popularity.  

“I was laying down on my bed, and then Lauren texted and I like bolted right up and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, she wants me to be on a song with her and GAYLE!’ And I was just super stoked because I love them and I love both of their music. And I just think it was such a fun opportunity. And also just going through all this together as friends is amazing. Because sometimes you do collaboration with people that you don’t know too well and it’s fun, but to do it with people that you can just laugh with is amazing.” – Em Beihold

Em started 2024 off with her single “Maybe Life Is Good,” released under Republic Records ( a division of Universal Music Group Recordings). After releasing the single Em Beihold, her label announced she would take her talents on the road this time as a headliner. The tour was named the “Maybe Life Is Good Tour,” inspired by her recent single, streamed 1,015,920 times. The tour would go on to be booked for 23 different shows; luckily, I was blessed with a chance, thanks to Universal Music, to go check out Em at her performance in Denver, Colorado. During her press run for her single and tour, I got to speak with Em Beihold and interview her for the second time in my career; check out the interview question and show review below.

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