Big Boss Vette Presents “RESILIENCE”

Fresh. Fearless. Empowering. These are just a few words to describe rap artist Big Boss Vette. The St. Louis-born rapper was naturally able to write and create music. In High School, Vette went viral from her freestyles, setting the tone for her career trajectory. Vette’s undeniable sound toggles between airtight bars, slippery melodies, and irresistible hooks. In 2022, Big Boss Vette released a few singles that took social media by storm. “Outside” and “Snatched” (with a remix featuring Flo Milli and Saucy Santana) set TikTok on fire, racking up 2 billion views across half a million creates by everyone from Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian to Halle Bailey and JT of City Girls.

Her follow-up record “Pretty Girls Walk” became another smash hit, embodying female empowerment and highlighting who Vette is all about. Iconic celebrities such as Madonna and J.Lo have created content using this song, pushing the streams even further. After generating tens of millions of streams and earning widespread acclaim from Pitchfork, E!, UPROXX, XXL, Complex, and many more, she shows out on a series of 2023 singles and her forthcoming full-length debut album for Beatstaz/Amigo Records/Republic Records.

“Honestly speaking, I feel like my only competition is myself, but I’m very competitive, I’m always hungry to master new styles. Once I’ve got it, I move on. I don’t have one lane, because I can do everything. I’m cocky with it, because I believe I can go toe-to-toe with anybody. I always want to keep on growing” — Big Boss Vette

She has documented this growth in real-time with one banger after another. Expanding her presence, Vette turned up at the 2022 BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher and starred in the 2022 Hip-Hop Awards edition of BET’s Rate the Bars. In the tv space, Vette obtained high-profile syncs on HULU’s The D’Amelio Show and HBO’s EMMY® Award-nominated Insecure from creator Issa Rae, in addition to launching her own popular online series, Big Boss Vette Show. Vette was also apart of Tik Tok’s #WomenInMusic campaign which featured a billboard in Toronto.

Simultaneously, she progressed as a performer, joining Nick Cannon on the “Future Superstar Tour” at sold out venues coast-to-coast and gracing the bills of 2023 festivals such as Rolling Loud. Big Boss Vette is the personification of raw, true talent, growing and evolving after every major music release. Her relatability, unique sound and ingenious presence is solidifying her place as one of the top new artists to rise.

“Whatever Im doing, I’m going to include my music and post my music to make kind of send a secret message to go stream Big Boss Vette if you haven’t already” — Big Boss Vette

Big Boss Vette Interview

What’s your favorite song on your new EP RESILIENCE, and why?

“My favorite song is “Get It,” but that song is immediately followed up by “Dollas.” I chose “Get It” because that song is bigger than my body. It’s catchy, you know, and it’s a great record! I also chose “Dollas” because it is me popping my shit. I really got bars and can rap. I can be a soft rapper, and I can be a hardcore rapper; I can be a R&B girly. Listen, I may even be able to sing at funerals. I can do it all, so hey.”

You recently were featured on the remix of “Keep Dat” with ICandy, Glorilla, & Kali. How did that come about, and can you describe what that experience was like?

“We were writing on Instagram, and she told me she wanted me on the remix, and I said yeah, come on girl, send that. Everything I do is for the women. When I heard “Keep Dat,” I said, “You can keep his ass; put me on that.” Us girlies love our chants where we can scream it, and the experience was cool with them girlies; they are like my cousins. It was such an honor to be featured on such a great song.”

Do you feel like people know you through your music or is your music like an intro to getting to know you as a person?

“My music is an intro to knowing me; sometimes I go viral, and it won’t even be music-related. It’ll be about making the videos, me talking my shit, and I noticed people love my accent too. I’m country, so when I do hair videos and do voiceovers, they like hearing my voice. My personality, in general, I have this great aura about me, and if they don’t like it, it just means they live on their mother’s couch. So if you don’t live on your mother’s couch, you’ll love me!”

Make sure to check out her new EP “RESILIENCE” below!

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