Billboard Chart Topper Nipsey Hussle Kicks Off “Victory Lap” Tour @NipseyHussle

West Coast Indie Rapper and growing Mogul, Nipsey Hussle, announces his 21 city tour.  The “Victory Lap Tour” began on June 4th at Irving Plaza in New York.  From there the next few stops will be Maryland, Boston, Denver, and then head south to bless fans in Georgia and Texas. In the last stretch of the tour Nipsey will touch down at the Staples Center on the West Coast, which is his old stomping grounds. The “Victory Lap Tour” will conclude after the final show on June 29th in Seattle.

For many years Nipsey wore the hat as rapper, manager, distributer, booking agent, and promoter. Back in 2015 he let it be known that he was setting himself up to become the next Indie Mogul. Because of his word combined with grind and talent, he did just that.

For this major debut album Nipsey partnered with Atlantic Records.  Within one week of the release “Victory Lap” sold 53,000 copies and landed #4 on the Billboard charts.  The LP also features some of today’s prominent staples in music such as Diddy and Kendrick Lamar.

Although the West is home base for Nipsey, his fan base surpasses the coasts onto an international level.  Social and political outrages encompass the world as a whole and Nipsey has become the spokesperson for the people and the streets.  A spokesperson that will not feed listeners bubble gum wrapper lyrics or deliver any fallacies.  Nipsey Hussle has become that Mogul he sought out to become and is now a respected rare novelty in Hip Hop.

Listen to “Victory Lap” below.



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