Chris Brown Throws Up Gang Signs At L.A. Nightclub

Chris Brown needs his hood pass revoked. Immediately. It is no secret that he’s had multiple troubles with the law and other shenanigans over the last 5 years or so. One month after being released from jail and Chris Brown is up to no good. Instead of laying low and keeping a low profile, he is going about his partying ways with no regard. Even his “Welcome Home (from jail)” party was filled with top celebrities and top… porn stars? Really? Any how, Chris Brown attended a BET after party last weekend in Los Angeles, CA. He seemed to be having a good time hanging with friends, until he had to be carried out from the club. He claimed he has a “low tolerance” to alcohol but I’m sure he just drank too much. During his “turn up” at the club, he is clearly seen in video throwing up gang signs. To who? I have no idea. In fact, I’m Pretty sure Chris feels an overwhelming sense of “swag” when he does this. I call it complete ignorance. It really is a damn shame that some of these amazing, talented people turn into the biggest douche bags. If Chris Brown wants to be gang-affiliated then take his ass out of the spotlight. The world doesn’t need more ignorant, self-righteous people celebrated. He knows he is popular. He knows the world is watching. That’s is apart of the fame he once was so hungry for. Breezy- please stick to music, stick to what you know. You are no gangster and we don’t need you out here in the glorious world we live in repping that. Humble yourself, son! You have a platform to share your talent and to share love and positivity with the world- stop messing that up!

Check out the video of Chris Brown yourself HERE.


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