D30 Releases New “No Hook” Music Video

Hailing from Miami, Liberty City recording artist D30 is a 2023 artist-to-watch. He’s authentic, he’s gritty, he’s magnetic, and, most of all, he’s unstoppable. While his music continues to spread like wildfire throughout the south, the emerging star keeps the momentum going with must-hear new music like his hard-hitting latest single, properly titled “No Hook.”

A follow-up to his previous release, “I’m Back,” the first part of a three-part series showcases D30 unleashing a nonstop lyrical tirade filled with aggressive appeal, lethal execution, and fearless confidence. Backed by his crew, D30 proves he is not the one to be tested because he will pass with flying colors. “No Hook” is directed by WoahAydrian.

A brief backstory on D30. He began creating music at 8-years-old and begun recording at 15. Miami’s longstanding legacy in hip hop has influenced the new star to believe that anything is possible over the beat. “I am enthusiastic about music,” he said in a press release. “And it is not that many opportunities in my environment to make it out. I am influenced by the people who found their way out and I know that writing about my experiences will inspire others to do the same. I make hip hop rap music for the masses. My goals are to make my dream come true and take care my family.”

Spending the last five years developing his own sound and fanbase, D30’s recent work has separate himself from not only today’s southern artist, but from any southern artists before him. He uses his relentless passion to guide him in an industry that feeds on copy cats and stereotypes.

He continued: “I stay in my lane. Ion tryna be something I ain’t and ion wanna leech my way to the top I move off genuine love. Seeing artists go on tour and go platinum inspires me. I can see myself doing the same. My daughter keeps me going she gotta eat every day. I cannot stop grinding until I surpass my goals. I am securing my legacy I will not be a failure. I expect greatness and nothing less.”

D30 is currently working on new music as his latest project, Youngest in Motion 2, available on all digital streaming platforms via ABK, is receiving rave reviews from fans and industry insiders alike. His next project, For Da Trenches will be dropping soon. To stay updated on everything D30 and his upcoming project, follow him on social media.

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