Damien The Architect Reinvents Himself to Eastside Yogi

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The artist we all know as Damien The Architect has gone by a lot of creative monikers over the years, so it should be no surprise to hear that he is going by a new name. This time around he has changed his stage name to Eastside Yogi and is soon to embark upon a spiritual journey that will take him out of the country. He was always more than an artist, but the mission trip taking him to around the world has everything to do with his current stage name. This time next week, Yogi will be shipping off to India for a year to complete classes that will give him a certification to start his own center for self wellness. After taking a break from recording music, he announced a new 17 track album that was released today at midnight, titled “All I Know Is Rap, Vol. 1: The Eastside Yogi“. The album features Trayce ChapmanJeron Piercemasae, and more!

Making his way onto the music scene back in 2015 with the critically acclaimed album “Falling Asleep In Church Vol. 1“. Yogi has released over 10 projects since then but has been known for taking mysterious breaks within the release dates of his musical projects. In my opinion, the breaks he takes between his projects have always helped make his content, and music better because he has a different story to tell with each project. He has a project for every situation whether it’s breakups, religion, or love stories, there is a unique story for each feeling. 

Damien The Architect aka Yogi, and his homegrown label TLTC Records will be hosting a listening party for his new album on December 10th. The event will be held at the clothing store False Ego, which is located at 2650 Walnut Street in Denver, Colorado. This will be the last event he will host before starting his spiritual journey, so make sure you come out and support the project. The link for the album will be posted below! Thank you for reading!