Duece Uno Talks Origin, Music Industry & Best Seafood

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With his new project, Era of Duece, trailblazing the new Hip Hop landscape. Florida’s Duece Uno is quickly becoming one of the hottest new artists of 2020. Exhibiting a signature southern flow and street appeal, the emerging artist is ready to claim the title of Prince of the South. Today, we sit down with the rising star for a quick conversation about his rise, hometown and what’s next. Read the complete interview below.

What has been your most notable moment or experience in the music industry? 

I had a few but I gotta say it when Rocko acknowledge my track “Pull Up” in the middle of the club I think it was the office he stopped me dropped a bug in my ear and told me keep going ain’t no feeling like it I was grinding to the point the stars knew of me. 

What type of sound would you say you have? 

I got a very distinctive sound You know how you got some artist you hear and be like he sounds like Thugga or he sounds like Young Boy, nah that ain’t mean Uno sounds like Uno. 

How do you currently feel about the music industry? Has COVID slowed you down at all? 

I feel like the music industry in shambles right now forreal-forreal only the real hustlers gone survive if you ain’t doing features or getting streams how you gone eat? Ain’t no shows popping off right now traveling at a minimum so if you ain’t an all-around hustler you probably fucked up. COVID can’t slow a hustler down it just reminded me it’s more than 1 way to eat. 

If you had to go to one hometown food spot for the rest of the year, what would it be? 

That’s a tough one ima fat boy all I do is eat . I’ma have to go with sister Sarah’s on this one need you some good seafood best in the city. 

Where did your name come from? 

My name use to be 21 but this nigga 21 Savage blew up and everybody swore I was riding bra wave (even tho I originated the name) so I came up with Duece since that means 2 and Uno 1. 

Do you enjoy the Florida music scene?

yea 1000% I love Florida music over any other rap scene I feel like we running the music game right now. 

Favorite Florida artists of all time? 

That’s a tough one so ima do it like this from 2005-2017 Rick Ross 2017 till now Kodak black the hosts of Florida.

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