Em Beihold Is Back With “Roller Coasters Make Me Sad”

Em Beihold is a woman of many talents, including singing, songwriting, playing the piano, and much more. Did you know that before music, she received NCAA All-American Honors in 2019 as a part of the University of California: San Diego’s fencing team? To compete in a sport like that, you have to be in touch with your feelings and also need to be able to connect with your surroundings and, most importantly, yourself to get the job done successfully. That same strategy ties in directly with her musical career, which has blossomed and taken off in 2 years due to her talent, hard work, and connectivity with her audience and fans. Last year she took over 2022 with the release of her debut album “Egg In The Backseat,” Now she is back with another single titled “Roller Coasters Make Me Sad.” “First they take you up the track, build you up and take it back, everybody else will laugh Roller Coasters make me sad,” is a line from her new single. The track is a story about life’s ups and downs and having a good time, no matter your situation. This is the first single for her soon to be announced Moon Projects/Republic Records full-length debut.

She said in an interview that the song describes how she was left feeling when the platinum-certified single “Numb Little Bug” suddenly blew up overnight. “It’s about the experience with ‘Numb Little Bug,’” she admits. “On the day it dropped, the response was insane. I should’ve been happy. Instead, I felt this pressure to keep the momentum going. I knew that everything that goes up must come down. I was bracing for the fall because it was so unbelievably good. I couldn’t just enjoy the ride. At the same time, I do hate roller coasters.” The song was the lead single on her EP “Egg In The Backseat,” a project focusing on and highlighting past relationships and mental health. The album and song are responsible for taking her career to a significantly different level. Her single generated over 500 million global streams in addition to cracking the Top 20 of the Billboard Hot 100 and lifting her to #1 on the Billboard Emerging Artists Chart. Two weeks ago, she had a chance to meet the legendary Elton John before a performance, and he expressed his love to her single, letting Em know he was aware of who she is with one of his legendary soft-handed face taps.

It was recently announced that Em Beihold would be going on tour as an opener for global superstar Lewis Capaldi. Capaldi will take his show on the road again and embark on a headline tour of North America. All this is after selling out headline shows across the continents over the past few years and headlining his first-ever festival last summer. I got a chance to sit down and ask Emily Beihold herself some questions about her musical career, the success of her single, and how she feels going on her first major tour. Make sure to check out the interview below, and stream her new single “Roller Coasters Make Me Sad”.

Em Beihold Interview

Q. It was recently announced that you would join Lewis Capaldi’s “Broken By Desire To Be Heavenly Sent” tour as an opener in the spring. What are you looking forward to most? 

“Um, that will be the biggest tour I have ever done; the fact that I’m going to be playing Grand Ole Opry and Radio City Music Hall is crazy to me because I would have never imagined playing venues that big. I’m also excited to be in Lewis Capaldi’s presence and see his show live because he’s so funny. I tend not to follow many celebrities on social media because I feel like it gets comparisony, and I also feel like a lot of people aren’t the most genuine, but he’s different. He’s just a joy to watch, so I’m really honored out of everybody is going on tour with him because he’s really awesome.”

Q. When you found out your breakout song “Numb Little Bug” was officially certified platinum, what was your initial reaction, and how did you celebrate the certification? 

“I got the plaque immediately after playing at the 1824 conference, which was surreal to me, and we took pictures with it in the parking lot, which was fun. Still, I don’t think I formally celebrated, it was a super cool achievement, but I’m also the type to keep going, and I don’t really stop to celebrate a lot. My team sent me cupcakes and candles celebrating it, but I should make more of an effort just to pause and say, “Yay, this just happened, but I don’t.”

Q. When did you write Roller Coasters Make Me Sad, was it written recently or was it something you had tucked away for a while?

“I wrote that song in May of 2022. It was right after returning from tour, and it was a concept I had been sitting on for a while, even before I went on tour. Before I left for the tour, we talked about the title because we had a conversation about theme parks and how it relates to the music industry. I was like yeah when I get to the top of a roller coaster, I don’t get scared; I literally just get depressed, and then they were like, oh, that totally makes sense with everything you’ve been saying about music, so yeah like directly the day after I came back from tour I was exhausted, and I wanted a break from sessions. I didn’t want to be to write. Usually, my management schedules studio sessions, but I scheduled it myself, and I was too excited, and you know it’s funny that I’d like an unplanned session is the song that comes out of it”.

Em Beihold Live Dates with Lewis Capaldi
March 30: Nashville, TN, Grand Ole Opry House
April 1: Atlanta, GA, Coca-Cola Roxy
April 3: Washington, D.C., The Anthem    
April 4: Philadelphia, PA, The Metropolitan Opera House
April 6: New York, NY, Radio City Music Hall
April 7: Mashantucket, CT, Foxwoods Resort Casino Premier Theater
April 10: Boston, MA, MGM Music Hall at Fenway
April 11: Laval, QC, Place Bell
April 14: Toronto, ON, Coca-Cola Coliseum
April 15: Detroit, MI, Masonic Temple Theater
April 17: Cincinnati, OH, The Andrew J Brady Music Center
April 19: Chicago, IL, Aragon Ballroom
April 20: Minneapolis, MN, The Armory
April 22: Denver, CO, The Mission Ballroom
April 23: Salt Lake City, UT, UCCU Center

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