GOAT TALK | Jay-Z With Another Power Move

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At this point, I’m will to say that Jay-Z is giving us the blueprint for real. I think that there could be a college course about his business strategy and ethic- there might already be one! I would gladly sign up!

In the latest of multi-million dollar power moves, Jay-Z aka Shawn Carter aka THE GOAT, has stepped into a 50/50 partnership with LVMH, who own’s Dom Perignon and Moet & Chandon, to take his champagne brand Ace of Spades to the next level! The deal is rumored to be an over 250 Million dollar deal. This is what big bosses do!

In addition to this latest deal, Jay-Z has also been working on his 2019 launched cannabis brand Monogram. He also has a new chapter of Roc Nation launching called Roc Lit 101.

It’s been pretty amazing watching Blue Ivy’s dad secure a future for not only her and her siblings but the entire future family lineage! GOAT TALK!