Is Jay-Z Looking To Buy The Denver Broncos?

Reports have been circulating online that Jay-Z is showing interest in purchasing the Denver Broncos NFL team when it goes up for new ownership in 2022. Now, is he REALLY interested in buying the team? Well, kinda, sorta but not really.

Yes, the Denver Broncos will be looking for new ownership come 2022, and yes Jay-Z has said for years now that he wants to be the first black NFL team owner but there are no confirming reports that he is actually interested. Sure, he’s open to becoming an owner in the NFL and sure the Broncos could be an option but that doesn’t mean much as of right now.

Jay-z is said to be worth $1.4 billion dollars and in the case he wants to purchase the Denver Broncos, he would need a partner because the reported number for ownership is $4 billion. Some blogs have mentioned Jeff Bezos as a possible partner.

Guess we will see how this plays out come 2022!

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