Jay Whit Shows The World He’s Back “In The Game”

Denver native Jordan Whitaker, better known as “Whit,” has established himself as a pillar of the Denver rap scene. Whit first introduced his talents to the world in 2015 with the release of his debut mixtape titled “No Cameras.” After that release, he began to consistently drop by releasing multiple projects over the span of seven years. Five projects later, Whit has shown that his musical presence is still very much felt. Earlier this year, he announced this summer he would soon be dropping a new EP titled “In The Game.” This project happens to be his debut EP for the record label “Snobbish Entertainment LLC” and is executive produced by Denver producer/engineer TreezyMadeIt.

Now that “In The Game” has been released to the public, it has been on repeat nonstop. Whit took a familiar flow from his other projects and has fully mastered it, showcasing his musical ability. His wordplay and beat selection has significantly improved, especially with super producer TreezyMadeIt as his right-hand man. Songs like “Big Plays” and “Still Here” display Whit’s talent beautifully, from the beats to the lyrics, even his breath control. He tells the story of someone who succeeds despite all the odds stacked against him. The “In The Game” EP has five tracks, all mixed and mastered by Denver music engineer Nick Pelc. All five tracks were produced by TreezyMadeIt as well. Within the last month, the whole project has been featured on our weekly updated playlist, “Dream World Radio.”

Make sure to check out “In the Game” EP below!

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