Jay-Z Had A Diss Track Aimed At 2Pac?! Read Here Why It Was Never Released!

Back in the 90’s the Hip-Hop beefs were alive and real-especially during the East Coast vs West Coast beefs. 

According to DJ Clark Kent, a long time producer of Jay-Z, the diss track Hov made on Pac was one of the nastiest diss tracks he had ever heard. 

So, why haven’t we heard the track? Right around the time the diss track was set to release, 2 Pac was killed. Out of respect for his passing, they never released the track. 

Jay-Z reportedly did perform the track one time at the Apollo in Harlem, NYC. Is There footage? As of now, no. And we most likely will not ever hear it. 

That would have been an interesting lyrical battle for sure! RIP PAC! 


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