Kehlani Shares On Why She Quit Smoking

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Always bringing positive and healthy vibes to her fans, along with her incredible music, her recent Tweets are no different. Kehlani shared with Twitter why she quit smoking weed after a fan thread of pictures of her smoking started to gain traction.

For starters, she says it’s been 3 years since she quit smoking and shes proud of herself- YES QUEEN! Great job, girl! She always speaks about Backwoods and how harsh they can be on your lungs- as well as addictive. Fans started to question why and when and how she quit. She said that she had went to a throat doctor and the doctor said her years of singing were limited! Yikes! She went cold turkey after that!

Also, in positive light Kehlani, she does point out that she is NOT smoke shaming anyone but speaking from her personal experiences. “Smoke da weed don’t let it smoke you,” she tweeted. She has a point!

Check out the Tweets below: