Larry June Keeps It Organic In Denver

One of the most critical attributes of Larry Junes career has always been his honesty, and transparency. Over the past few years, the Bay Area rapper has gained a plethora of followers and a place in music because he makes listeners feel like they know him personally through his music, and his healthy lifestyle. His music creates a sense of connection within his fanbase, as over 400 people filed into Denvers Summit Music Hall on Thursday night (Dec. 2) for his sold-out Orange Print Tour, making it his third time to perform in Denver. Kicking off in Maryland — this marks Larry June’s return to touring on his own since his Market Run Tour last year in 2020. Fellow TFM artist Monore Flow, is also touring with and opening up for Larry.

Raised in the illustrious Atlanta, Georgia, Monroe Flow bursted onto the rap scene last year after being featured on Larry Junes track “TRAP LARRY,” and immediately engaged the crowd with his confident energy, and impressive clothing choice(worth noting: Everyone who came to the show had on their best outfits). Monroe’s set was the perfect preparation for what the night would have in store, After the set finished, the crowd was excited and ready for the P of the hour to appear.

Keeping true to the organic theme presented throughout ALL of Larry’s music, June has two organic orange trees on stage that instantly catches the crowds attention right away. As the stage lights get dark, the music for “Just Me & You” starts to play throughout the speakers. Wearing a vintage multicolored Ralph Lauren bucket hat, and a vintage Ralph Lauren striped polo, Larry June was welcomed with roaring applause from the crowd as he stood in front of the orange trees mentioned earlier.

After performing “Lets Drive To Vegas,Larry made sure to take a moment to talk about how he missed being in Denver. “Aye aye aye What the fuck is up Denver? Y’all know I had to come back and put on a show for one of my favorite cities! And June did exactly that, immediately breaking into the Roy Ayer sampled classic ”Watering My Plants” as the crowd screamed just as loud as they did when he first came on stage. As the show went on, Larry jumped back and forth between projects performing songs from “Mr.Midnight“, “The Port of San Francisco“, “Adjust To The Game“, and more. This show mirrored the energy of his previous major tour “100% Orange Juice”, with June creating a vibe that can only be felt at his shows. The crowd was packed with people front to back, everyone had a drink, and there was smoke in the air even though the venue didn’t allow it at first. Most concert goers definitely know how that goes!

Before ending the show with the well known track “Smoothies in 1991Larry shared a moment with those in attendance, thanking everyone for coming to support him, and for never giving up on him. Larry’s Denver stop for his “Orange Print Tour” shows that his style, and flow are non matched. He performed 28 songs in total, and every minute of each one was worth it. As concert-goers left the Summit Music Hall, you could still hear Larry’s music being played at the bar across the street from the venue — Can someone say after party, aye aye aye!!

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Omar Sekou

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