Lul Kel Releases New Song “Reminisce” From Upcoming ‘Head Melodies’ Mixtape

The 2019 album, Mixed Emotions, catapulted St. Louis recording artist Lul Kel to supestardom as the album’s breakout single, “Wrong,” amassed over 200 millions streams and continues to soar on Spotify. Kel has kept the momentum going with a-list collaborations such as Lil Tjay (“Wrong”), Quando Rondo (“Dripped Out”), and Bankroll Hayden (“Brothers”), and hit, after hit, after hit, including “Y.O.U.,” “Pull Up,” and his latest release “MHM.” Lul Kel prepares for the release of his upcoming mixtape with the release of his new single, titled “Reminisce.”

Produced by Turran Coleman, the new track takes Kel’s down memory lane as he reflects on the lover’s escapade he embarked on in the past alongside his desired love interest. Overdosing on the intoxication that hits his body through every memory of their time together, Kel expresses his lust for her love once again with lyrics such as, “Baby girl I miss it/Got me reminiscing/Steady reminiscing/I love it all/Got me reminiscing about those times we kissin’.”

The new track is slated to appear on Lul Kel’s upcoming mixtape, Head Melodies, via Different Vibes Only/MNRK Records. 2023 has been busy for the new star. He has released three new songs this year in “Blushin,” “MHM,” and “You The One,” which premiered on BET earlier this month. After his arrival in 2019, Lul Kel’s resume includes Queen Naija and Trippie Redd. “Reminisce” follows Lul Kel fresh off tour with Polo G. Along with his music achieving over a billion streams, his social media following has skyrocketed into the millions across every social platform.

Lul Kel is on a path to superstardom that will eventually evolve to mega stardom in no time. Now is the perfect time to hop on the Lul Kel bandwagon. After “Reminisce,” dive deep into Lul Kel’s catalog today.

Head Melodies hits all streaming platforms on November 10.

Check out “Reminisce” below, and afterward, follow Lul Kel on social media for daily updates and more.

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