Memories of Sticky Situation 2013

One year ago, today, I was in Staten Island, NYC working Ink Monstr’s Sticky Situation NYC (2013). I didn’t know it would be one of my favorite events to ever work and also one of the best experiences of my life! I still feel so lucky to have been apart of Ink Monstr’s first NYC event. Put art, music, a good community of people, and an even better team together- you make magic! And that’s exactly what we did! This was actually my first time working an Ink Monstr event. A couple months prior when meeting with Reed (owner of Ink Monstr), I knew I needed to be there for this event.

During the days leading up to the event, it was hot and we were working hard every day. Cleaning, organizing, setting the artwork, planning and so much more- we put in WORK! There was about 4 or 5 other people from Ink Monstr that I didn’t know and hadn’t really met yet. I had been a huge fan of Ink Monstr and already had been collecting their stickers before I even through I would have the chance to work with them. One day a few of us were all taking a break and one of the guys started handing out these dope Nick Hughes stickers! Of course I wanted one and as I took the sticker I looked at it and said “Dope! I love Nick Hughes!” He had been, and still is, my favorite artist. The guy that handed me the sticker kind of laughed, looked at me and said “Really?! I am Nick Hughes!” HA! I still laugh thinking about it. I felt pretty stupid that I didn’t realize who he was but he thought it was pretty cool I knew him for his art instead.

When the day of the event came- it was a HUGE success! It was a busy, crazy day and night but completely worth it! Even when I frantically ran into the CVS to get 30 bags of ice (the bar was running out) and people looked at me like I was totally insane! The community of Staten Island loved everything about what we had put together. People were so fascinated by the cool artwork and how we transformed an alley into an art gallery. Even kids were stopping to check it out! The kids were hyped for all the free stickers, free t-shirts and free Hi-Chew candy! The adults were more than happy with the free booze and it was good vibes all night! My very good friend, the one and only Redman was there to support and throw down a DJ set. Whenever Funk Doc is in the place to be, its bound to be a great time!

I gained a whole new family and lifelong friendships during that experience and I am forever thankful! And now, one year later, we are all here in Staten Island again working Sticky Situation NYC 2014. I feel so blessed to share this experience with these amazing people! Come out and see why Sticky Situation NYC means so much to us! You will NOT be disappointed! Get all the details you need HERE. I cant wait to see you there!

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