MOM LIFE | I Just Want To Do Ratchet Stuff With My Friends

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If someone had told me a year ago that not only would I have my baby a week late but that I’d also have her in a full blown pandemic, I wouldn’t have believed it. In fact, when Coronavirus/Covid-19 first became a topic of conversation, I wasn’t worried at all. I truly thought it would just blow over and go away.

But NOOOOO. It did not go away.

My experience at the hospital the last few days of March 2020 was good. I had my girl, we came home safely. But THEN, life was nothing like we expected. Stay-At-Home orders were in place, a curfew, businesses were closed and we were in the house, only leaving for necessities.

I had a whole plan for my first night away from baby for a night out! The 4/20 festivities were going to be it! But NOOOOOO. Coronavirus cancelled EVERYTHING! No concerts! NO CONCERTS!

Nobody, not even family, met my baby until she was a month old. Very few have met her at all and she’s just about 5 months old. This part has been VERY hard.

The clubs opened for a week maybe? Then got closed down. And I do understand that Coronavirus is very real and I don’t need to be out mixing with people and risking getting sick, especially with my babygirl at home.

And now 5 months later, I miss it. I miss the club, I miss brunch with the girls, I miss planning events, attending events, attending CONCERTS, sports games, I MISS DANCING, etc.. and to be honest, I JUST WANNA DO RATCHET SHIT WITH MY FRIENDS!!!

So, if you see me drinking Hennessy out the bottle while I’m cooking dinner on IG, just know that’s my section for the evening and it’s LIT AF!

If you see me drinking wine while on a walking my baby in the stroller, just know I’m having a blast!

Mom life is wonderful, don’t get me wrong but adjusting to Mom Life during a pandemic will definitely have you acting up a little more at home, making random FaceTime calls and drinking wine while making bottles.

Cheers to 2021 and hoping things get back to normal! Mama needs a concert, ASAP!

*Remember to wear a mask so we can get through this quicker!