Mooski Presents “Melodic Therapy 4 The Broken”

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Darien Hinton, better known as Mooski, hails from Opp, Alabama, and has a story very distinctive from other artists in the game. He grew up in a very strict household and served four years as a Sergeant in the Marines immediately after high school before devoting himself to recording music. Mooski released an enormous hit two years ago with his debut single, “Track Star.” Tik Tok played a massive role in making the track a nationwide social media anthem, which included dance challenges from celebrities and a new following that would soon help the rising star get his first platinum single. The soulful song became his first Billboard Hot 100 entry and received 42 + Million global streams. Two years later, the more experienced Mooski is transitioning from releasing a debut single to releasing a debut album. 

On March 11th, 2022, the debut album titled Melodic Therapy 4 The Broken was released, and it happens to be Mooski’s first project to come out under the prolific Capitol Records. With features from Chris Brown, A Boogie With Da Hoodie, and Yung Bleu it is obvious this project has a Allstar lineup. The first single released for the album is the song Soul Bleed, and the second single released is titled Counting Time. This new album is a true testament to Mooski’s artistic growth, very few musicians can turn relationships, and personal experiences into worldwide bangers, but he has shown he can do it again. I got a chance to sit down and ask Mooski some questions about his upbringing, his new music, and why this project is different than anything else he ever recorded.

My first question to him was “It has been 2 years since you released your debut song “Track Star”. How would you describe your progression as an artist from then to now?”. He responded by telling me over the years he has become a stronger song writer and singer, also he is more comfortable in the studio when recording now, compared to when he first started. I then went on to ask him “A few weeks ago you broadened your musical discography with your debut studio album titled “Melodic Therapy 4 The Broken”. Can you describe the recording process, and why this project will be different than any of your other releases?”. His response was that the recording process was “organic”, it was one of the first times where he really had to be more hands on. Having control over his sound was very important to him, because he didn’t want to sound like anybody else but himself. The last question asked to him from me was, “The music scene in Alabama has definitely been on the rise lately. Who would you say is your favorite artist in Alabama right now?”. His last response was short and straight to the point, he said “my favorite artist besides myself would be Rylo Rodriguez and No Cap. They got the city turned up right now”.

Mooski has made it very clear that he deserves to be here.Since the interview, Melodic Therapy 4 The Broken has been reviewed by The Source, REVOLT, XXL, Billboard Music, and more! The link for the project is below! Go check the album out.