Morsifire Releases “Contact” Off New “Metanoia” LP

Alternative Hip Hop artist Morsifire links with Emily Afton for the single “Contact”, off his forthcoming album titled “Metanoia.” 

The San Francisco based artist delivers an intimate, personal record about the loss of his sister. Lyrically, he embodies a somber canvas brewing with raw, toilsome emotions. “Now I’m begging you to haunt this town I’d give up all my oxygen to have you around, search the corner sidewalk for this brick you found, while your bedroom’s never making a sound.” 

Morsifire’s fresh, pain-induced wounds intensify throughout each verse and from the soulful, yet melancholy blends and heightened tones. “One day you were here, now you’re a falling star, someday’s I’m here but it’s a fragment, somedays I can hear you in my darkest hour, spend my life trying to wrap my mind around it.” 

The vocals harmonized by Afton exude an array of heartfelt emotions and hair-raising chills that enhance Morsifire’s suffering. “I feel shame, I feel I carry the whole burden of blame, every time I hear those words or someone utter her name, feel my heart sink, blood boil hot in my veins, if it were there would it be the same?” 

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On October 11th Morsifire’s debut album “Metanoia” will be available on digital platforms.

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