Never Lose You Tour With Kalan FrFr

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Kalan Montgomery, better known as Kalan FrFr, has established himself as one of the most talented artists in music right now. He has a very distinctive sound that happens to be inspired by his hometown, Compton, California, and his time spent in Atlanta, Georgia. Coming onto the scene in 2018, he released his first musical project titled “Hurt.” The project featured 8 songs and served as a great introduction. Although the follow-up to his first project, “Two Fr” is where Kalan began to show people his vocals and proved that he was more than just a rapper. With features from G Perico and Chris O’Bannon on Right With It, and standout songs like Fine Ass, and Naked, the tape was labeled as one of the best independent projects to drop in 2018. One of Kalan‘s biggest goals was to be a headliner on his own tour; after four long years, he has accomplished his goal, and I’m sure it feels better than ever. In 2021 he signed to the Roc Nation family, and shortly after, he released his debut album Two Fr 2, on the label. His 19-track album had 3 leading singles ScoringGet In, and Never Lose You. The project also had features from Lil DurkBlueBucksClanMozzy, 1 Take Jay, and many more.

Kalan Frfr – Two Fr 2
4 Hunnid Signee D3

Initially, the “Two Fr Tour” was revealed at the beginning of 2021 but was postponed due to scheduling issues. After months of getting everything situated, the FrFr team announced the tour would still be happening in 2022 but will be renamed after the leading single on Two Fr 2, “Never Lose You.” I knew instantly that I had to make sure I would be at the show here in Denver, Colorado. It was being held at the Marquis Theater, and the opening acts were Seddy Hendrinx hailing from Jacksonville, and YG‘s 4 Hunnid label signee D3 from Compton, California. Wearing a red 4Hunnid diamond chain, D3 was the first performer on stage, and he performed the songs Bloodwalk and Drip. After his set was over, D3 and his crew made their way to the audience to enjoy the show with the crowd. During the break, more and more people started to fill in as Seddy Hendrinx was in the back preparing for his set. There were about 10 minutes that went by before the lights got low, and the host for the set, DJ Hirihanna, who happens to be Seddy’s official DJ, came out to warm up the crowd.

Seddy Hendrinx

The first song played was the very well-known SWV sampled track Lowkey, and the crowd immediately went into an uproar. Seddy Hendrinx came out from the back ready to perform, wearing a green Independent Truck Company jacket, brown sweats, and a diamond chain. He then performed songs from his 2020 project Sayless and one piece from his other 2020 EP, Black Hearted Demon. The songs consist of LowkeyHands DownRP’s, and Codeinewhich features GunnaSunshine45, which features A Boogie Da Hoodie.

Seddy Hendrinx
Kalan FrFr

Shortly after, the crowd was ready to see the man of the hour, Kalan FrFr. As Kalan’s DJ played multiple west coast hip hop songs, he requested the lights be turned out and began to play Right With It, which happens to feature G Perico, and Chris O’Bannon. The Compton native made his way to the crowd wearing an orange and cream-colored Bottega polo, Japanese denim, and Air Force Ones with his iced out diamond FrFr chain to compliment it all. During his performance, there happened to be two different occasions where girls were fighting each other; Kalan made sure to voice his displeasure with what was going on before going into his next song, Star. Kalan then performed NakedAtlanta, and Fine Ass, three songs from his 2018 project Two Fr. D3 made his way back out on stage to do his song Mudbaby with Kalan. After the track, he stayed on stage for the rest of the night. The rest of the night was spent performing tracks from his debut album Two Fr 2. He performed PopStarTidal WaveRun Away, and I Like before playing the track of the evening Never Lose You. After addressing the crowd and thanking them for coming out, the show was over. Everybody headed to the mercy table for meet and greets, where I met Kalan, Seddy, and Kalan‘s tour manager Infgeorgo. Overall the night was successful, and I met one of my favorite artists, which is always a plus. Stay up yall.