New Music :Mr. Midas “Blue Dream”

Writing a review for any Colorado rapper is a amazing thing , because Colorado has some amazing artist coming out of it. One of the many  artist is Mr Midas , who just dropped one hell of a album this week. His  new album is  called “Blue Dream” which is full of bangers and a few new  summer jams to blast . One of the new jams that have been getting a lot of his fans attention is “Facts(Google That S***)”.  This particular song has gained attention because of the beat and the undeniable ,relatable lyrics. Being able to tell your haters to “Google that s***” like Midas is doing is what brings in the new fans but keep s the older fans . Midas has a very distinctive voice that will grab his fans attention and the clean beat behind the lyrics is just a added bonus. One of my favorite part of the album was getting this down south chopped/screwed influence on “Hard Head”.

In all it’s very hard to pick the top five off of this album because all of the songs have a very perfected sound and there isn’t any song you cant enjoy listening  to.  Mr Midas out did himself with this album because of the well constructed album. He is giving east coast, west coast , old school and new school influences all in one. You can’t be bored of any of these songs . If you haven’t heard the album the link is located above. You miss out hearing this, you are missing out hearing some amazing rapping coming out of Colorado .The best way to hear this album is in your car with the bass all the way turned up.

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