Nicki Minaj Drops “Anaconda” Video

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The much anticipated “Anaconda” music video is finally here. Nicki Minaj kept it all the way sexy for the video featuring Drake and bootylicious dancers.

I like the sample of “Baby Got Back” on the track but I feel the video is too much. “Twerking” has already become such a fad that I wouldn’t be surprised if the ladies in an Old Navy commercial started twerking. If there was a music video demonstration on how to capitalize off your booty, this would be it! It’s too much! I don’t knock anyone’s hustle but at this point, does she NEED the sex to sell?

With the video also featuring Drake, I’m sure rumors will start flaring up about a more personal relationship between the two. In the video, Nicki gives Drake a very sexy, very professional lap dance. I’m sure he was very happy to be featured in the video! But, I feel that all together it was too much. Either way, we are all talking about it huh? The “Sex Sells” movement will never die.

Watch the full video HERE!