[Press Play] Aries Marquis ‘Ghost’

Introducing Baton Rouge, Louisiana recording artist Aries Marquis.

Today, for the grand entrance, the rising artist tells us a little story about his past love life with the new single “Ghost.” Narrating the tale, Aries wows with his smooth vocals, emotional storytelling and a glimpse into the next-gen R&B. A set up to his forthcoming album, Experience, he explains the lead single with the following description:

“‘Ghost’ is based on a true story (as all of my music is) about a woman I really had strong feelings for and had a great, but short relationship with. We never got into one argument, or fall out, but for some reason…she disappeared. She stopped answering her text messages, and we never spoke again. I wanted to see her but hadn’t seen her in months, since we worked together. This song is simply wondering what it could have been to make her move on.”

Aries Marquis created a timeless sound built on soul and diversity. His journey continues as his listener base continues to grow, and his
music still continues to improve and impact the masses in ways that not even he could dream of. For everything Aries Marquis, follow the new artist on Instagram and Twitter.

Check out Aries Marquis’s new single “Ghost” below.

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