[Press Play] grey prince ‘charity’

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Introducing grey prince. A red-hot new star is making his rise with another big splash for the summertime. You may be familiar with the new star from his recent hit “cory in ya house,” but today, he returns with a buzzing new hit called “charity”

For another hit, the San Francisco-based sensation sticks to the same formula as before and provides fans more of the same party tricks that brought them to the dance floors across the globe in the first place. On this track, monks chant over a booming, distorted sub bass, as crisp snares punch, hi hats rattle, cowbells ding. Using an almost mocking baby voice, grey prince attacks the beat with rapid, braggadocious, bars naming himself the pope of his own compelling style of rap and production. As the song reaches its halfway point, the beat slows down, and the sub bass is replaced with rapid staccato kicks.

Outside the production, grey prince displays a wide range of vocals that goes from hypnotizing nassle start to high-pitched natural delivery. Overall, the song is hard-hitting, infectious and, most of all, a bonafide hit. It’s the perfect origin point for newfound fans and the perfect setup for the rising star’s anticipated forthcoming project. Until then, find out more on grey prince and the upcoming project via the star’s social media. After “charity,” if you want to hear more of grey prince, check out the artist’s complete catalog, here.

Available everywhere via own imprint. You may listen to “charity” below.