Rawrrzone Picks – Saay Park Cool

For the first time in over a year, we have a new single from the Bronx’s own Saay Park. For those who may not know, Saay Park was one of our inaugural guests on “Welcome to the Rawrrzone” seven years ago. Since his appearance, he has continued to mesmerize his audience with his diverse sounds and larger-than-life performances, featuring notable artists such as ARP Musiq, Kony Brooks, and more.

His long-awaited single, “Cool,” takes us back to the essence of R&B, channeling the emotions of a broken love and the longing for someone who does not want you. Everyone has that one person it didn’t work out with, and we hope to stay friends and “cool” with them. The production behind the song truly brings the entire piece together, as the beat complements Saay’s mellow harmonies, taking you through the love-struck single.

Check out his Collab performance on Instagram and stream the single now

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