Redman Puts On In Denver For Ink Monstr’s Final Pool Party

This end of summer pool party was a MOVIE! That’s a very real statement since Redman was in the building and shooting scenes for an upcoming music video! Ink Monstr’s final pool party of the summer was a packed house from 1-7pm. The music was really good, everyone was loving the Djs. Deep Eddy Vodka, Redbull and Sobe kept everyone cool with their amazing drinks. Open Vape, Airhead and all the other sponsors were in full effect as well and everyone had a blast! Even the homie Quincy Miller of the Denver Nuggets came through!

There is no question that whenever Redman is set to perform, DJ or host an event- it’s going to be off the hook! Redman arrived to the party in good spirits and ready to party with all the fly people of Denver. He had no problem showing his fans mad love, as always, and took a ton of pictures! At one point he even told the ladies he would only take a photo with them if he could take a picture of their toes! We all know that he has a major foot/toe fetish and he has no shame in it whatsoever! He kicked it at the Ink Monstr booth for awhile before he got to the DJ booth for an hour long set. Redman was actually a DJ before he was ever an emcee- a lot of people don’t know that so they are blown away when he gets on the 1’s & 2’s! He always mixes up new vibes with a lot of that classic hip-hop and good vibe music- he truly knows how to rock the party! Doc hit the stage inside the venue a while after to do a short performance. It turned into a full on concert really fast as everyone moved inside to catch him perform a couple classics and a couple tracks off the new project, “Muddy Waters 2 The Mixtape.” He put it down as always- everyone was turned up! All the years of watching Doc perform, he still surprises me with how amazing his live show is! He gives 100 everytime and the energy is always off the meter!

It’s clear to see why Ink Monstr throws the best parties in town! If you missed this last party, you missed out for sure but take this as a reminder to NOT MISS the next event! Look forward to Sticky Situation Denver in October and more announcements coming soon! Keep up on what Redman is working on, whre his next show is and how to get the new mixtape at! Check out all the recap photos from the pool party below!
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All Photos By Jacob Hornsled

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