Styles P Drops Message About The Culture

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When the Hip-Hop OG’s and pioneers speak, you listen.

Not like in the 90’s when you had to read magazine interviews to see what artists opinions were, now you just check out their Twitter or other social media to see what’s on their mind. I personally love it. Some debate it takes from media and maybe so but it also gives fans and real, personable and related connection to their favorites artists.

The one and only Styles P had a message for his followers yesterday about (hip-hop) culture. He reminded us that not everything that represents or is showcased in the hip-hop community is actually FOR the hip-hop community. If you know, you know. There are people with power and money who want the money the culture makes but not the people it represents. Therefor the money that filters to these leeches does not go back into the community or to a bigger cause.

One thing for sure, Styles P will speak on it!

Check out his Tweets below: