This month I’m 29 and THANKFUL is the most apparent emotion. I moved to Denver, CO five years ago and up until about 2 years ago, I thought I’d be a waitress my entire life! Things have changed a lot since then. Not only am I a full time Auntie but I have become a true dream chaser. I’ve found my passions and I’ve built a lifestyle around them. I have come far but I’m well aware that I have so much further to go! This website will be my platform to the world. If you’re reading this, THANK YOU! I look forward to sharing stories, memories, insight, music and fashion with you guys! Music is one of my main passions, although I do not sing, write or produce- my connection to it is very real! Growing up I wanted to be a singer and would cover Mariah Carey & Paula Abdul songs to my room full of stuffed animals & dolls. I promise to NEVER post videos of me singing! LOL! I am so happy & blessed to share dope stuff with the world through this site! Come back every week for stories, my insight or my god honest opinions on life! Be thankful! Be blessed! 

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