The Drop 104.7 Is Denver’s New Favorite Hip-Hop x RNB Radio Station

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I LOVE THIS NEW STATION! Everyone I’ve talked to that has been listening too, also loves it. In fact, I see multiple social media posts about it all the time.

The Drop 104.7 is listed as “The People’s Station for R&B and Hip-Hop.” That is accurate for sure. When I turn on this station, I might here local music, a new top 40, a throwback- they are playing it ALL! That is so refreshing to my ears! To hear some throwback Jay-Z or Method Man or Foxy Brown then hear a local track off the 3hree project is so DOPE!

The DJ’s are all doing their thing, the radio hosts and everyone on air is really crushing the game right now and WE LOVE TO SEE IT!

Make sure to tune in and turn it up! CHECK OUT THE DROP 104.7 HERE!