[Video] Derek Minor ‘Pressure’

Following the release of his breakout single, “I’m Lonely,” and ahead of the forthcoming album, Nobody’s Perfect, buzzing star Derek Minor links with fellow rising stars Thi’sl and Aaron Cole for the new single “Pressure.” A turnt-up track filled with Minor’s signature slick-talking rhymes, the Nashville native reminded fans and critics alike just what they’ve been missing since his brief hiatus. Stream it here via RMG / EMPIRE.

“Ok, from the jump,” Minor raps. “Hit the squad and told em, I’m a run it up / I’m cold with it, standing next to me you better bundle up / I’m froze with it, might put all my diamonds in a slushee cup / My flow is crack, his flow is mid, tell em, you ain’t dope enough / Your heart pump Kool-Aid and mine pump Dussee / Please don’t talk to me cause I been up two days.”

In the 413 Creatives-directed music video, the veteran lyricist and company roll around the city in the old-school classic and show southern hospitality.

“When you are striving for greatness, it comes with tons of pressure,” says Minor. “The temptation is to fold under that pressure and accept defeat. The song is meant to motivate people to stay the course and rise to the occasion.”

“Pressure” is the perfect origin point for newfound fans eager to hop on the Derek Minor bandwagon. After the stream, don’t forget to follow Derek Minor on social media.

Watch “Pressure” below.

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