[Video] glvsshouse ‘Games’

Life is a game for the new sensation glvsshouse. Today, the Boston native tries his luck at love in the video game-inspired new visual release for his breakout song “Games.” After racking up huge numbers on Soundcloud, the genre-bending recording artist takes a pocket full of quarters can battle for as many extra lives he can get that will win the heart of his love interest. Stream it here via Olympus Projects/Ashtray Mgmt.

The Logan Gardener-animated showcases glasshouse catchy songwriting abilities and magnetic appeal as he jumps over hoops, flying planes, trains and automobiles to win his love. For glasshouse, the song is a surprise hit made on a whim, he explains: “Games was a record I made hungover in my LA apartment in about 30 minutes. I had no idea it would grab f*g Pharrell’s attention and be one of my biggest songs to date. Having the Pharrell cosign really gave me full confidence in my music, it’s kind of like I was sure all along but having that man tell me my song is good just made it a fact.”

The song originally appeared on the Pharrell Williams’ Covid-19 relief project, titled IAm Other Vol.1 and was the track that got him noticed by well-known music manager Peter Robinson. The song’s popularity has drawn a whole new fanbase to the rising star, all anticipating his next release in 2021 which also promises a full-length collection, currently untitled. Until then, “Games” will hold fans at bay as it continues to draw high value on all platforms. For more on glvsshouse, follow him on social media.

Watch “Games” below.

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