[Video] Hip Hop’s Skoolboy Bliss, Enters Wal-Mart With An Assault Rifle

Knowledge. Integrity. Resilience.

These are the three words Jason, “Skoolboy Bliss,” lives by. Growing up in a fatherless household, with a mother who lost herself to drugs, Bliss learned the meaning of resilience early on in life. It wasn’t until Bliss discovered Hip Hop and his knack for words and lyrics, that he was able to transform his life’s anguish into art. Art that would help him turn his own life around.

Never the type to play victim, Bliss’ personality shines through any of life’s crevices and it’s reflected in his music. To kick things off as we head into Q2 of 2019, Bliss unveils a new video he produced that doesn’t showcase any of his music, but rather to get a (bold) message across. Utilizing his growing YouTube channel, Bliss takes on a political issue.

“At any given moment, I do exactly what I feel. So with this video, which I actually made over 8 years ago before all this viral social media stuff, was made for an adrenaline rush, and not for social clout. I wanted to make a statement about the lack of security in America – despite how much the government shoves the idea of homeland security down our throats. I did this way before all these mass shootings and terrorists acts.”

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