[VIDEO] Kendrick Lamar ‘DNA’ Starring Don Cheadle

The video for Kendrick Lamar’s ‘DNA’ track off his latest album, DAMN, is really an incredible, powerful visual. Starring Don Cheadle as a detective, Kendrick seems to be under interrogation. Don Cheadle raps the first part of the song and Kendrick take over as he is releases from cuffs and back mobbing the streets with his crew.

The lyrical dramatics are what takes this video beyond average. Kendrick is on a roll. He is in his own league right now. The shock value and “moment” value of his releases and drops are what people are waiting for and tuned in to. We are all here for K-Dot. Whether you want to be or not, you are here for this era of Kendrick Lamar.

The video was directed by Nabil and the Little homies. CHECK IT!

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