Wale Drops New Song After Meek Mill Goes On Twitter Rant

Wale has been putting in work for a long time and he’s far from a bad emcee! He has bars and charisma. The DMV artist continues to build his fan base and stay relevant- even when someone comes at his neck. Speaking of which, it seems Meek Mill woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. Meek Mill took to his twitter this morning to express his feelings about how he doesn’t want to do anymore “acting” for the industry and how he wants “no more suckas” in arms reach of him. Then he calls out Wale to say that he’s not supportive and not a asset to the MMG team. Meek goes on to talk about who is really out in the hood, who the hood really loves and supports, etc, etc… Someone please pass Meek a blunt of the most potent cannabis so he can simmer the hell down! Most of us can hear Meek YELLING through his tweets. Regardless of what the situation may or may not be, Wale handled this very well. Taking to his Instagram account to defend himself as an artist, and more importantly a person! Wale doesn’t apologize for being different and for not “fitting the mold.” And then he dropped a dope, new track. Classy and tasteful, Wale keeps it pushin! Check the new track “The Followers” HERE.

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