When Hip-Hop Respects Hip-Hop | 5 Reasons The Bridge Podcast is One of The Best Shows Out

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I can imagine that when this idea came to fruition that everyone involved was excited! The Bridge Podcast celebrates and discusses 50 years of hip-hop while bringing on major players in the game. But it’s not just the guests that are major, the hosts are legendary themselves.

Nas, along with Miss Info, hosts the show and together they have YEARS of experience in music/media. What better way to talk about the hip-hop culture than have 2 heavy hitters to lead the conversation? There’s NO better way! This show is 2 people who LOVE music, love hip-hop, love the culture and are giving it right back with an excellent podcast!


  1. The Hosts are as hip-hop as you can get! Nas is the legendary emcee we all love! Miss Info is the media maven we have been rocking with for years! There is no doubt that these are 2 voices you can trust.
  2. The guests are top tier. Mary J. Blige, Cordae, Juicy J, MC Lyte, Fabolous, Bun-B and the list goes on. As guests on The Bridge, they’re comfortable and open to having genuine conversation with the hosts. That opens up the show to be one of the most authentic hip-hop podcasts out.
  3. The stories are DOPE! From things you’ve never heard about to something that may have been in question, you will hear nothing but real stories from the people who experienced them.
  4. The production of the show is really amazing. As the homie Graffiti described, “It’s like listening to a documentary.” The show gives you just enough music and fly intros/outros to have you interested but not so much that you ever get lost. The timeline is put together like butter.
  5. The anticipation for the NEXT episode is there every single time you finish listening to one episode. That is one of the best parts! You can’t wait to hear more!

A big salute to Nas, Miss Info and everyone who is apart of the team making The Bridge podcast happen. A great show like this comes from when hip-hop RESPECTS hip-hop!

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