When Hip-Hop Respects Hip-Hop | Watch Jay-Z Rap Along While Method Man Performs!

The 65th Grammy awards were amazing this year! A big part of why, was their obvious dedications to celebrating 50 YEARS OF HIP-HOP!

The big performance was showcasing the old school, the new school and everyone in between. The set was curated by QuestLove and he did not miss. It was amazing to see so many iconic MC’s on the stage one after another.

BUT, my absolute favorite part was when Method Man hit the stage to perform a quick piece of his classic track, “M-E-T-H-O-D MAN!” Have I seen Mef perform this song a million times? Yes. So that wasn’t what got me as much as it was Jay-Z rapping along with him in the crowd with a big smile on his face! THAT was so dope to see! It’s so clear how many legends in hip-hop still are fans of their peers. As a fan myself, of course, the best part of celebrating my favorite artists is rapping along with them at their live shows. Jay-Z is no different.

This was just another huge reminder that hip-hop RESPECTS hip-hop.

Check out the clip below!

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