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Fashion Feature Of The Week- Infatue Clothing

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“Infatué:( in-fatCHU ) is a brand that encourages people to do what they love and to follow their passion. Launched on Januaray 7th 2012, Infatue has rapidly became a premier upscale urban brand. Focusing on incorporating high end traits into our unique style. The Infatue brand creates hand crafted pieces for boutiques while also specializing in high end limited edition pieces. Infatue has established a reputation for trend setting attire.”

I fell in love with this brand immediately! I love the logo and love what the brand stands for. Owner and creator, Lil Fresh Sam, is young but so motivated and focused, its hard to not see her vision. She inspires so many people from allover the world and is passionate behind the phrase, “You Can Be Anything You Want To Be With Dedication and Hard Work!” You can find famous faces like Method Man, Dizzy Wright, Don Benjamin and more rocking Infatue. Keep an eye out for Lil Fresh Sam and her fly clothing line- because she’s in it for the long haul! Check out more and shop Infatue Clothing HERE!