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YVNG VIRAL Aims To Change The World With “Broken Child”

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With a unique blend of rap, hip hop, and pop, young sensation “YVNG VIRAL” is ready to change the game. Born and raised in Kissimmee, Florida to parents of Colombian descent, this young artist is not only an advocate for the youth but a refreshing change to what’s needed in the hip hop culture.

Inspired by talents such as J Cole, Juice World, and XXXTentacion, YVNG VIRAL began writing and using music at an early age as an outlet. The day he picked up a pen to express his feelings through rhythms and beats is when he knew he found his passion.

He was able to channel his emotions into relatable topics in which anyone of any age can relate to from depression to heartbreak. His motivation and hunger as a young artist IS what separates him from the rest. He aims to perfect his craft daily by venturing out into different genres and setting his bars higher and higher each time. In hopes of being the new voice to this generation, YVNG VIRAL has teamed up with BIGFACE MUSIC WORLD, a label consisting of artists, engineers, and producers from all over Central Florida to record his very first hit single “Broken Child” which is available on all platforms worldwide as well as the “Broken Child Remix” featuring Yitzack La Voz.