Chase Shakur Adds Denver To His “Its All Love” Tour

East Atlanta native Chase Shakur has had a hell of a 2023. Earlier this year, Chase inked a record deal with Def Jam Recordings (a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.). Shortly after the news of his signing, it was announced that he would soon be releasing his Def Jam debut, and it would be called “it’s not you, it’s me.”

The project holds production credits from 14 talented producers/engineers who have made hits for some of the most prominent artists in the music industry. For example, Arsenio Archer, known for his work with Summer Walker, is credited for Shakur’sSink or Swim.Deputy, the producer of Victoria Monet’sOn My Mama” and Rihanna’s smash hit “Bitch Betta Have My Money,” is credited for the song “Sink or Swim” as well. Elkan, who has produced for the likes of G Herbo, Young Thug, So Faygo, and more, is credited for the song “No Savin.” Other featured producers also have major placements, making it an all-star lineup.

I think looking back, it hasn’t been the smoothest road by any means but every step of the process is just as important as the end goal. What comes easy won’t last and what last won’t come easy. I think one of the biggest struggles starting out is making someone believe in your vision the same way you do and being able to show multiple people that it’s possible. Making them believe that you can turn nothing into something – Chase Shakur

On June 16th, 2023, Shakur’s label debut EP “it’s not you, it’s me…” was finally released. The 10-track album has no features, although the song“no savin” features background vocals from Queens, NY artist Liana Bank$. The lead singles for the EP “it’s not you, it’s me…” lead singles were “x’s n o’s” and the previously mentioned track “sink or swim.” Both singles were met with great reviews as many fans and publications dub Chase as one of the artists “bringing real R&B music back.” Three months after the release of his second project, he surprisingly dropped the deluxe version of “it’s not you, it’s me…” this time naming it “it’s not you, it’s me… it’s love”. Fans were delighted as the deluxe version of the EP had three new singles “nite”, “you’re so lovely”, and my personal favorite “exit 65”. 

Def Jam and UMG announced to Chase Shakur fans that he would be taking his talent on the road as he would be headlining the “It’s All Love” tour and making it his first time going on tour as a headlining artist. Initially, I was upset because they didn’t have Denver as a stop for the tour, but that all changed fast. Cervantes OtherSide was added as a stop for November 12th, directly after his show in Montreal, so I made sure that I would be in attendance as Chase is one of my favorite premier artists.

The doors for the show opened at 7:00 PM, and the show was slated to begin at 8:00 PM, which is sometimes but never indeed the case at Cervantes. Opening acts for the show were none other than Destin Laurel and Nobu Woods. I arrived right as Nobu Woods was beginning to perform, and I have to admit he put on a great show, and his crowd engagement was excellent. As it was Destin Laurel’s turn to perform, I noticed that I had a bunch of his songs in our Dream World Radio playlist, so that was a performance I was excited to see in person. He didn’t disappoint, as he and his band had my attention from beginning to end. There was a brief intermission as they set up the stage for the man of the hour, Chase Shakur. As it was time for him to come out, the sold-out crowd at Cervantes screamed and gave Chase an ovation while he set up his microphone. Shakur wore black baggy cargo pants and a long-sleeved olive green striped sweater. For those who know me, I’m the outfit police, so Chase was good in my book. I will post the setlist for the show below.

“Well, I’m an Alternative R&B artist. I’m known for my music. Honestly, I’m really proud of this EP I’m working on currently. What sets me apart is everything honestly with this new music me and my team tried new things blended genres together that you usually won’t hear in R&B, through each release me and my team always try to push the music forward and make sure that its the best it can be even down to visuals, I just wanna make something that’s real and new something that you can call yours. – Chase Shakur

Chase performed 17 tracks, some from his new EP and some from his previous 2022 EP, “It’ll Be Fine.” He had a full band consisting of his drummer and two keyboard players, and each band member sang along as a background vocalist. Chase did a great job keeping the crowd fully engaged; each person knew every song word for word from start to finish. During song changes, Shakur would thank the crowd for their continuous support of his career before moving on to the next track. After the show, he came down to the crowd at Cervantes, did a meet and greet, and took pictures with fans for the next hour or so, and he even signed autographs at the merchandise table for fans. Cheers to another great show in the books! I will post the setlist for the show below.

  1. Cascade Road
  2. Comes With The Damages
  3. Honda Civic 98’
  4. YSL
  5. No Savin’
  6. Exit 65
  7. X’s N O’s
  8. Slide
  9. You Need An Angel
  10. Sink Or Swim
  11. 143
  12. I Know You’ve Been Lonely
  13. Twenty-Nine
  14. Pray Slow
  15. You’re So Lovely
  16. Nite
  17. Too Far Close

Make sure to check out Chase Shakur’s Def Jam label debut “it’s not you, its me… its love” below!

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