Lane-O Presents His Debut Album “Us” To The World

Colorado musical artist Lance Lang, (better known as Lane-O), is back with his full length debut album titled “US”.

The most important factor behind my success is the ability to customize what success feels like to me. Most times we as people base our success on what that looks like to other people. When truly success should be a personal experience in life. This has allowed me to pursue my passions in life with meaningfulness verses being expedient. Success isn’t a race against the crowd, but more of a marathon for self growth. This way of thinking has allowed me to grow as a person, father, husband and artist. – Lance Lang

The artist known as Lane-O has been making noise in the music world since 2019. Although he had been dabbling with music for years, his first release came in 2019 with his single “Solid Ground.” Shortly after the release of his first single, Lance began to see his musical career flourish as another new single of his, “Beautiful” featuring Lady Bri, was featured in the 2020 Denver Film Festival, which took place in October of that year. Having a track featured in a film is a huge accomplishment, and the accolade significantly increased Lane-O’s confidence in his musical ability/talent. 

After years of making singles and producing/songwriting for others, Lane-O announced that he would return to release his debut album “US.” The project features Ave EmiWic JonesLIVHSpellbinderLady BriCleopatraWayne Watts, and Tone Atlanta. There are many different producers credited for the album. One of the names that stood out most to me was Colorado’s artist/engineer Wic Jones. The three singles released for “US” were “So Clear” featuring Livh & Kenny Kadafi, “Beautiful” featuring Lady Bri, and “Gave It All” featuring Wayne Watts, Cleopatra, and WIC Jones.

“My faith in GOD and myself have always been a major factor in my approach when difficult times present themselves. One Lesson that has been crucial. Is to make a Plan! This year has been crazy to say the least, but having a plan for myself has giving me a since of security. Even though some plans get derailed, I found it easier to make adjustment to my plan verses having no plan at all. I want the world to know that my brand represents being an owner of your destiny. There are a lot of lanes on your road to success, choose one and own it!” – Lance Lang

Make sure to check out Lane-O’s new project “Us” below! My favorite song from the album right now has to be “The Hype” featuring Ave Emi. Stay up y’all.

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